As a white non-binary queer artist, my work aims to take responsibility for the colonialism of my ancestors, while empowering non normative identities.

As both an artist and an activist, I approach the body as a historical archive of psycho-social processes, which reveal the structures of power in place. My work researches artistic, political and theoretical strategies that can hold performers and audiences alike responsible for their heritage and its manifestations in contemporary society. For this purpose, I investigate the oral, physical and visual manifestations of colonialism in white European societies, through my own body and biography.

My autobiographical approach is essential to the way I aim to create an intimate and honest dialogue with the audience, and ensures that I speak from a position of empirical knowledge.

Most Important Works (2016 / - )

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Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Sound and light design: Marcelo Schmittner
Photography: Jodiewhn
Advertisement photography: Rudi Berr
Videography: Marcela Giesche and Telmo Branco



Concept, choreography and performance: Rachael Mauney
Direction and co-choreography: Telmo Branco
Videography: Hoyoung Im
Duration: 45 min



Creation: Telmo BrancoPerformers: Rachael Mauney and Telmo BrancoSound Design: Annelie AndrePhotography: Jochen NünningVideography: Andre KeizDuration: 25 min
Under the festival "Nah Dran: Extended", curated by Victoria McConnell.Performed at Ada Studios (Uferstudios) Premier: 24/03/2018

Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Photographers: Nicole Michalla and Maria Torrents
Videography: Nobutaka Shomura
Approx. 45 min