With sensitivity, my work is designed to reflect individuals and their oppressive history. I reflect systemic and transgenerational oppression as a denominator of individual and collective trauma, sedimented in the social and familial unit.

As a white artist, my work aims to take responsibility for the colonialism of my ancestors, for my indoctrination, and my reproduction, conscious or not, of colonial thoughts and practices. I expose, reflect, and confront myself, with the hope of encouraging others to do the same.

As a queer and non-binary artist, my work aims at empowerment and at combating internalized fear and shame. I work towards what is genuine, vulnerable, towards idiosyncratic truth. I advocate for the abolition of patriarchy, heteronormativity, and binarism of gender and thought, which still dominates the making of art and life.

In my practice, I use theater, dance, film, and sound as artistic and activist languages. My work is intrabiographical, to the extent that it utilizes and confronts my biography with that of other artists and activists I work with, under transparent and paid models of collaboration that refute cultural appropriation and exploitation.

My goal is also to generate culture that serves as a reference for other queer, trans, and non-binary individuals who are commonly unrepresented by culture and the arts at large.

Most Important Works (2016 / - )

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Concept, choreography and performance: Rachael Mauney
Direction and co-choreography: Telmo Branco
Videography: Hoyoung Im
Duration: 45 min



Creation: Telmo BrancoPerformers: Rachael Mauney and Telmo BrancoSound Design: Annelie AndrePhotography: Jochen NünningVideography: Andre KeizDuration: 25 min
Under the festival "Nah Dran: Extended", curated by Victoria McConnell.Performed at Ada Studios (Uferstudios) Premier: 24/03/2018

Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Photographers: Nicole Michalla and Maria Torrents
Videography: Nobutaka Shomura
Approx. 45 min