Rough Sublime (On Wires)


Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Photographers: Nicole Michalla and Maria Torrents
Videography: Nobutaka Shomura
Approx. 45 min

Performed at Lake Studios, Berlin. 
Premier: 09/02/2018


"Rough Sublime" is a dance theater piece that works on the juxtaposition of tradition and capitalism. 
The Romantic Movement is the main idea assumed in this piece, primarily concerning the pastoral and folkloric motives, the relation with progress and technology and the conflict between past and present.
"Rough Sublime" portrays how different small towns from the interior of Portugal have evolved and reshaped themselves around capitalism and technological progress while preserving their traditional values.

Contact the artist for a full length video of the performance.