THE TRADITION/Artist residency - Lake Studios


THE TRADITION - Artist Residency, Lake Studios.

Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Sound and light design: Marcelo Schmittner
Photography: Jodiewhn
Advertisement photography: Rudi Berr
Videography: Marcela Giesche and Telmo Branco

Residency Dates: 25th of February - 22nd March

In collaboration with SCOPE BLN and LAKE STUDIOS, Berlin. 

Residency research

During our staying in Lake Studios we have continued our movement-voice research on how to portray the way systematic oppression has often found justification and normalization through traditional beliefs.

"The Tradition" is based in Elvas, a city of approximately 16000 inhabitants in southern Portugal.
Elvas is a city that, due to its geographical location and rural traditions and livelihoods, has remained isolated and culturally unaffected by the passage of time.
Elvas's geographical isolationism, (a rural town within a centralized country) has also helped both to foment rural exodus and neglect the wounds of the post-regime.
Elvas is a city whose traditions were defined and reaffirmed by patriarchy, toxic masculinity, female submission, class and race segregation, and cultural obsolescence. 
Elvas is a city whose transgenerational wounds have never been addressed.

The traumatic legacy of this city, is still observable in its economic and social organization, and in the way its citizens remember and transmit their past and adjacent historical wounds. However, Elvas is not an isolated example in its endeavour to bury its traumatic past. Throughout Lake Studios' residency we found commonalities with other European oppressed countries/regions, which lead us to better understand the mechanisms, and the cultural impediments, that prevent historical wounds from being understood and addressed.

Contact the artist for a full length video of the performance.