Concept, choreography and performance: Rachael Mauney 
Direction and co-choreography: Telmo Branco
Videography: Hoyoung Im
Duration: 45 min

Performed at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin. 
Premier: 01/10/2019


"Ingrain" is the illustration of a woman who has freed herself from a sexually arresting religious system by hypersexualizing her adult body. 
When her childish ignorance finally encounters popular culture, she is overwhelmed by the demand for hypersexualized performance, which often carries the illusion of liberation. 
The cult mentality of religious extremism often provokes an equally extreme rebellion. This rebellion, while searching for sexual autonomy, is unable to break the ingrained associations. Guilt and pleasure, sexuality and shame, punishment and affection. The child remains in the adult body with a new toxic belief system. She has replaced the suppression of her sexuality with merchandising it.
This works questions the impact a religious or cult mentality has on sexual performance and reflects one toxic belief against another."
Text written by: Rachael Mauney

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