Queer Activist and Interdisciplinary Artist: 
Theater I Dance I Sound design I Film I Poetry 

Date of Birth: 02/05/1991
Nationality: Portuguese
Based: Berlin, Germany
Languages (fluent): Portuguese, Spanish, English


21/09/2009 - 29/06/2010
Course of Performing Arts, University of Évora. Evora. Portugal.
27/09/2010 - 31/07/2012
School of Theater and Film (Higher Education Degree) Acting. Lisbon, Portugal.
01/10/2012 - 13/06/2013
School of Dramatic Art Valencia. Spain.
2013 - 2015
Circus and Physical Theater Training - Stella Polaris Sandfjord, Norway
Contemporary Dance Training - Mamen Garcia Valencia, Spain
- Teatro De La Generalitat, Valencia, Spain

Dance Workshops (2015/ - ):
Les Slovaks, Shang-Chi Sun, Mila Koistinen, Christina Mertzani, Narendra Patil, Michael Loehr, Edivaldo Ernesto, Evangelous Poulinas, Narendra Patil, Michael Langeneckert, Ricardo Ambrosio, etc,.  


With sensitivity, Telmo's work is designed to reflect (queer) individuals and their oppressive history. Telmo reflects systemic and transgenerational oppression as a denominator of individual and collective trauma, sedimented in the social and familial unit. 

Their work "The Unspeakable - Part 3" is currently on tour. This world deals with structural sexual violence and the culture of violence. "The Unspeakable - Trilogy" is supported by DISTANZEN Solo, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland und NEUSTARTKULTUR and Goethe - Institut. 

Their work "The Tradition" was winner of the "Air Scope Berlin" award: https://www.scopebln.org/telmoqbranco. 

Their film "The Tradition- The Film" circulated in several film festivals such as: Make art no fear (semi-finalist) (PT), MIFA - Madeira International Film Awards (PT), Multiplié Dance Film (NO), Europe NOW Film Festival (UK), etc. 

In addition to developing their own projects, Telmo has collaborated with artists from different areas, such as Rachael Mauney (USA), Veronica Riz (IT), Helena Waldmann (DE), Nir de Wolff (IL) , Annelie Andre (AT), Alexandra Pirici (RO), Falk Richter (DE), Lea Pitschke and Michael Baumann (DE), Shang-Chi Sun (TW) Ximo Flores (ES), etc.

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The Unspeakable - Part3 - 2023

Dance Theater Production by Telmo Branco
Premiered at Mala Posta, Lisboa.
On tour.
Photography: Lucia Pires

The Unspeakable - Part2 - 2022
Dance Theater Production by Telmo Branco
Performed at Mala Voadora, Porto.
On tour.
Photography: Rachael Mauney

BODY RIOT - 2022
Dance Theater Production by Telmo Branco
Performed at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin + Touring in Germany and Portugal.

Amplify 2 - Poetic Sonoplasty - 2022
Composition by Loop Station and poem by Telmo Branco
Curated by: Rachael Mauney
Performed at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin. In collaboration with Rainbow RailRoad. Photography: Rachael Mauney

The Unspeakable - Part 1 - 2022
Dance Theater production by Telmo Branco
Performer at Acker Statd Palast, Berlin
Photography: Rachael Mauney

The March - 2022
Dance Theater production by Telmo Branco. Sound design by Adrian Blount.
Performed at Humboldt Forum, Berlin. Curated by Jana Luethje.
Photography: Frank Sperling

Matrilineal - 2022
Dance Performance production by Rachael Mauney. Co-creation, sound Design and Performance by Telmo Branco.
Performed at Here Arts Center, New York + Touring in Germany and Portugal.

The Tradition /solo - 2021

Dance Theater production by Telmo Branco
Performed at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.

Photography: Rachael Mauney

I recall to not repeat  - 2021

Loop Station Composition Poem by Telmo Branco
Performed at Hosek Contemporary, for Rainbow RailRoad, Berlin.

The Tradition, The Film -  2021

Dance Theater Film by Telmo Branco
European Screening.

Photography: Rachael Mauney

Trequanda - 2020

Dance production by Veronika Riz
Performed at Ex-Masten, Bolzano, Italy

Photography: Gregor Khuen

The Kingdom - 2020

Dance Theater Film by Telmo Branco
European Screening.

Photography: Rachael Mauney

The Intruder - 2019
Dance Production by Helena Waldmann
German Tour 2019/2021

Photography: themovingpictureartist

Wavering - 2018
Dance Theater production by Telmo Branco, Rachael Mauney and Annelie Andre.
Performed at Ada Studios

Photography: Jochen Nünning

TRUST - 2018
Dance production by Construst Collective (Malwina Stepien)
Performed at Hellerau - Dresden + Italian Tour

Photography: Michael Theis

Rough Sublime (on wires) - 2018
Dance Theater Production by Telmo Branco
Performed at Lake Studios Berlin

Photography: Nicolette Michalla

While The Others Go Wild - 2018
Dance Theater production by Revolver Dance Theater (João Cidade)
Performed at AckerStadt Palast - Berlin

Photography: Manon Santi

STOIC - 2018
Photography project directed by Telmo Branco in collaboration with Rudi Berr

Photography: Rudi Berr
Rudi Berr Studios - Berlin 

Die Zeugen Im Zeughaus  - 2017
Dance production by Lea Pitschke and Michael Baumann
Performed at Uferstudios - Berlin

Photography: Andrej Wawel

Aggregate  - 2017

Performance Installation by Alexandra Pirici
Performed at N.B.K, Berlin.

Photography: W Menezes

Dance production by Annelie Andre.
Performed at Former Willner Brauerei Berlin

Photography: Stefan Tietz

Città del Vaticano - 2016/2027

Directed by Falk Richter and Nir de Wolff
Performed at Schauspielhaus Vienne + EUR. Tour

Photography: Matthias Heschl