The Unspeakable - Part 2



Creation, performance and soundesign: Telmo Branco
Assistance in the creation and Photography: Rachael Mauney
Videography: José Freitas
Photo editing and video promo: Telmo Branco
In collaboration with: Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin; Hosek Contemporary, Berlin; Marameo e.V, Berlin; Teatro Papa-Léguas, Lisbon; Mala Voadora, Porto; Polo das Gaivotas, Lisboa.
With the support of: Goethe-Institut Lisboa and DISTANZEN Solo | Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and NEUSTARTKULTUR.


"The Unspeakable - Part 2" is a multidisciplinary activist performance that addresses the culture of normalized gender violence in Portugal, focusing on the cultural artefacts that perpetuate discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. This show examines the concept of the perpetrator within the systemic disappearance (symbolic and physical) of queer people, and the ways in which perpetrators are protected and encouraged within societies where heteronormativity rules.

Who are these "aggressors"?

What identifies and sentences them as such?

Who manufactures them?

Who protects them?

How do you combate and destroy what has been internalized, what has become habitual, systemic?

"The unspeakable - Part 2" will answer these questions, in a show that culminates in theater, dance, and music/sound design, with the intention of mourning the many LGBTQ+ individuals of have succumbed to (hetero)normativity.

Premier: 02/11/2022 no Teatro Mala Voadora, Porto.

Promotional pictures - The Unspeakable (Portuguese title: "O Indizível")