The Unspeakable - Part 1



Creation and Performance: Telmo Branco
Camera and Photography: Rachael
Stage Videography: Alicja Hoppel
Sound design: Telmo Branco

Supported by: Acker Stadt Palast and Marameo E.V.
Funded by: DISTANZEN Solo | Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and NEUSTARTKULTUR.


"The Unspeakable - Part 1" is a multidisciplinary activist performance that addresses, with sensitivity and courage , the culture of normalized violence surrounding queer experiences, and its consequences on LGBTQ+ people' notions of memory, identity, and community.
This show examines the concept of the perpetrator within the systemic disappearance (symbolic and physical) of queer people, and the ways in which perpetrators are protected and encouraged within societies where heteronormativity rules.

- No safe spaces, no support, no visibility, no representation, no agency.
Our biographies are built out of powerlessness, out of acts of violence and cruelty covered up in an atmosphere of silence, secrecy, and injustice. Our non-normative biographies generate discomfort and disruption in those who have built their identities and cultural practices around heteronormativity, around ancient colonialist traditions and practices.
Our mere existence evokes individual and collective denial, challenges it, exalts it. Denial is the engine of hatred. Denial builds and feeds walls. Denial separates, segregates, restricts individual freedoms and forms of expression. Denial prevents empathy, understanding, and comprehension. It prevents justice. It prevents us from attending our generational wounds and our idiosyncratic truth.
Denial: the "No!" to other's difference. The "No!" to historical intersectionality. The heteronormative "No!" based on patriarchy and white supremacy, that encourages gender violence and protects aggressors.

However, who are these "aggressors"?
What identifies and sentences them as such?
Who manufactures them?
Who protects them?
Are we all, in some way, potential aggressors? Agents of the patriarchy and of gender violence?
Do we all have within us internalized remnants of oppression and systemic violence?
"The unspeakable - Part 1" will answer these questions, in a show that culminates in theater, dance, and music/sound design, with the intention of giving voice to what has been silenced, repressed, disappeared, to the truth, to the unspeakable.

The Unspeakable - Part 1 / Trailer

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