The Tradition - The Film

Creation: Telmo Branco
Performance: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Videography and Photography: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Sound Design: Marcelo Schmittner and Telmo Branco
Interviewed: Odete Ortiz, Rui Brinquete, Sonia Latas and Miguel Branco.
With the support of Acker Stadt Palast and Hošek Contemporary - Berlin.

Currently in post-production.

Concept Description

"The Tradition - The Film" fuses the disciplines of theater, dance, soundscape, and documentary to explore the aftermath of patriarchal oppression in Elvas, a small town in Southern Portugal.

Oppression has been a systematic endeavour carried out through generational lineages. It has been inflicted, recreated, normalized, and internalized, throughout the curve of time, throughout my curve of time. 

"The Tradition - The Film" juxtaposes individual testimonies with poetic language and sceneries. It aims to address the psychological and sociological implications of patriarchal oppression within the community and the family unit.