The Tradition


The Tradition

Creation and Performance: Telmo Branco
Videography and Photography: Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco
Stage Videography: Alicja Hoppel
Sound Design: Telmo Branco

In collaboration with: Lake Studios, SCOPE BLN, Acker Stadt Palast, and Fabrik Potsdam- Berlin. 

Premier: 05/11/2021, AckerStadt Palast - Berlin.

Duration: Approx. 60 min

Concept Description

"The Tradition" is an interdisciplinary piece that confronts patriarchal oppression, its ́ roots, and the aftermath on gender non-conforming bodies, through theater, dance, soundscape, and film/documentary.

"The Tradition" is the embodiment of historical icons, cultural archetypes, and behavioural patterns that bring into evidence the emotional and psychological consequences of internalized oppression. This interdisciplinary piece addresses the audience from an intimate and personal perspective, while exploring the concepts of vulnerability, gender performance, and toxic masculinity, very much interlinked in patriarchal societies.

There is a policing gaze that monitors, dehumanizes, and punishes those who tear up the fabric of cis-heternormativity. When gender performance crystallizes within individuals, oppressed become oppressors, ensuring its perpetuation. The impact of gender performance in gender non-conforming bodies, is the central focus of "The Tradition", which uncovers centuries of religious and imperial indoctrination in order to dismantle shame and fear, to rebuild one's sense of identity, and to embrace self-truth.


Contact the artist for the full length video of the performance.