Creation, Photography, Videography, and Performance: Telmo Branco
Camera and Artistic Assistance: Rachael Mauney
Music: Telmo Branco and sound deconstruction of Henry Purcell, and Monks of the Drepung-Loseling Monastery.
Duration: 20 min

With the support of Späth-Arboretum, Berlin. "The Kingdom" merged out the previous collaborations with D2D Festival and Pépinieres Européenes de Création.

Concept Description

"The Kingdom" is a dance theatre film, that portrays a man's attempt of releasing himself from the ghostly moorings of his father.
"The Kingdom" emphasizes the aftermath of patriarchy and toxic masculinity in the concept of male identity.
"The Kingdom" is the embodiment of memory through movement, space, landscape and architecture. It is the vestige, in body and word, of a dystopian past.

Honorary mentions:   InShadow - Lisbon Screendance Festival - Selection.
                                     ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival, Macao- Official Selection.


 [international trailer]

                         On Isolation and Confinement 
                                 [In collaboration with D2D festival and Pépinières européennes de Création]