Artist Statement


With a consideration for emotional sensitivity, my work is designed to reflect queer individuals and their oppressive history. I reflect systemic and trans-generational oppression as a denominator of individual and collective trauma, sedimented in the social and family unit.

In my practice, movement and language derives from body patterns and attitudes that evoke stigmas, archetypes, amongst other cultural forms of oppression. In this practice I utilize dance, theatre, poetic writing,  music and sound design, and film.

The aim of my work is not only to address the colonial constraints and struggles of queer histories, but also to practice liberation and self-truth outside of imperial heteronormative norms of making art and life. The aim is also to generate culture that serves as reference to other queer individuals usually not represented in the fields of performance, dance, theater and film.

@Rehearsal Episode 4 of "The Unspeakable".